Product Highlights

VEGA Instruments Co.,Ltd.
Stand No. L16
With 80 GHz into the future!

A new radar sensor for continuous measurement of bulk solids and liquids, VEGAPULS 69,VEGAPULS 64 The higher transmitting frequency of 80 GHz allows considerably better focusing of the emitted signal. Has ushered in a radically new era in radar measurement technology.
Victron UPS (Thailand) Co., Ltd.
Stand No. F7
Enabling smooth and continues operation of bottling equipment, the General Electric (GE) SG Series Industrial UPS and the ORTEA Sirius Columnar Voltage Stabilisers are solving power quality issues throughout the S.E Asia region. Backed-up by Victron warranty and maintenance services, we provide full protection for your critical processes.
Vorawat Wire Products Industrial Co.,Ltd.
Stand No. L12
Wire Mesh pallet.