2018 Product Highlights

Rama Production Co Ltd
Stand No. D20
ProtiAct® is a series of functional compounds designed to contribute protein-based food products with better functions such as improving texture, binding ability, reducing cost, and improving yield. ProtiAct® allows food manufacturers to standardize raw materials, improve product quality, and create new products with higher value.
Rheon Automatic Machinery Co Ltd
Stand No. C10
New Release! High Spec, High Quality. Strong and hygienic stainless steel cylinders.

The AN551 is a high-performance Encrusting Machine for making various products such confectionery, meat, stuffed pizza, stuffed bun and Chinese Steamed Meat Bun so on.
Rieckermann Services Ltd
Stand No. G22
MAKING THE MOST OUT OF YOUR INDUSTRIAL PRODUCTION AND PROCESSES Rieckermann is your reliable service and technology provider, realizing customized high-quality solutions for you.
  • Consultancy, Engineering & Project Management
  • Machinery, Equipment & Industrial Plants - Technical Services
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